Dagmar von Wilcken

  • Information Center

    Memorial to the Murdered Jews of Europe

    The Memorial to the Murdered Jews of Europe was designed by Peter Eisenman. As subterranean extension to the memorial is the Information Center beneath. The exhibition design creates a correspondence between the expressive memorial and the grave historical content. The size, the shape, the grid of the field of stelae are echoed and continued into the exhibition halls below, where they open up and give space for the victims to tell their stories and memories.

    Ort der Information – Entrance

    2001 – 2005 Overall conceptual design of the exhibition

    Entrance Foyer

    View into the foyer outlining the historical and political context from 1933 until 1945. The back-lit panel of text and images leads to six portraits of men, women and children which confront visitors on their way to the first room.


    The Room of Dimensions shows the numbers of the murdered Jews from all Europian countries involved, on a continuous frieze that runs along the walls. Illuminated glass plates in the floor are arranged in the grid of the field of stelae above ground and present personal quotations of the victims.

    Fates of Families

    In the second room the concrete stelae from above seem to grow down through the ceiling into the room, where they tell the fates of families before, during, and after the Holocaust.

    Room of Names

    In the Room of Names the individual victims are lifted out of the anonymity by reading out their names and short biographies. Simultaneously the name is projected onto the four walls of the room.

    Sites of Murder

    The last of the four rooms finally leads to the organized murder. On stelae which seam to spring out of the walls into the space, information is shown in films and photos. Four endless video sequences expose the enormous number of murder sites and the simultanity of the crime. At audio stations in the niches between the stelae, visitors can listen to eyewitness accoounts of the mass murder.

    The Central Database of Holocaust Victims’ Names in the Exit Foyer

    The Yad Vashem Memorial in Jerusalem has been collecting Holocaust victims’ names since 1955. Of the 6 million dead only 3 million are known by names. The Yad Vashem database can be searched via these terminals.

    Memorials Database in the Exit Foyer

    Memorials now stand at many of the original sites of murder. Several terminals offer Information about these memorials.